Available Publications

  • Million-Dollar Moments
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    Million-Dollar Moments

    Rick Markoff

    A book about meaningful, million or multi-million dollar gifts to non-profit entities.More Info >>

  • Caps, Capes, and Caring
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    Caps, Capes, and Caring

    Patti Beach, Sue Eisel, Maria Nowicki, Judy Szor, and Beth White

    A history of the eight hospital based diploma schools of nursing that existed in Toledo from 1893 to 1999.More Info >>

  • From Glaciers To Glass Vol 1
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    From Glaciers To Glass Vol 1

    The first of a two volume set that contains the best local history scholarship culled from nearly 90 years of articles from Northwest Ohio History and its predecessor, Northwest Ohio Quarterly.

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  • Hindsight
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    Ben Morales

    A photo history book of nearly 100 locations in the greater Toledo area. Examines historical photos and locations in a modern setting.More Info >>

  • The Sullen Art
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    The Sullen Art

    David Ossman

    A new and expanded edition of 28 unique and personal conversations on the state of America’s poetry at a pivotal moment in its history.More Info >>

  • American Originals
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    American Originals

    Timothy Borden, Editor

    Examining the heritage of Northwest Ohio's Polish community at home, work, worship, and play.More Info >>

  • Arab Americans In Toledo
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    Arab Americans In Toledo

    Samir Abu-Absi, editor

    Toledo’s Arab American experience is a great American story of an ethnic community finding fertile soil, sinking roots and flourishing.More Info >>

  • Leading Economic Development
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    Leading Economic Development

    Daniel M. Johnson

    The book lays the groundwork for newcomers... or leaders...

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  • The Calling
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    The Calling

    Blair Grubb, MD

    Dr. Blair Grubb shares stories that deal with the uniquely intimate relationship between patients and their physicians.More Info >>

  • Can I Get A Witness
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    Can I Get A Witness

    John Gibbs Rockwood

    John Rockwood was there with his fast shutter: a line-up of guitars on the long-gone urinals of the Toledo Sports Arena...More Info >>

  • The Land of the Three Miamis
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    The Land of the Three Miamis

    Barbara Alice Mann

    Land of the Three Miamis is different from Barbara Mann’s long list of previous publications on Native American history and culture ...More Info >>

  • 30 Below on Christmas Eve
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    30 Below on Christmas Eve

    Andrew Fisher

    The companion book to "What a Time It Was." Army veteran Andrew Fisher has returned to share the experience of those locals who served in the Korean War.More Info >>

  • What A Time It Was
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    What A Time It Was

    Andrew Fisher

    Army veteran Andrew Fisher has compiled and edited a book based on some of the Veterans' History Project interviews that are archived in the Ward M. Canaday Center of the University ...More Info >>

  • Glass Will: An Anthology of Toledo Writers
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    Glass Will: An Anthology of Toledo Writers

    Joel Lipman

    Since its 1986 publication, Glass Will has grown steadily in reputation as a comprehensive anthology of Toledo area poetry during the later ...More Info >>

  • From Institutions to Independence
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    From Institutions to Independence

    Barbara L. Floyd, editor

    Professor Floyd's book is an important contribution to our understanding of the need to include those members of our community ...More Info >>

  • All Cool
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    All Cool

    Nick Muska

    Global traveler and inveterate bohemian hipster, Nick Muska's poems reach across boundaries of content and form to include roughly spoken, joyful poems ...

    "Ottawa Tavern to host book-launch reading"
    by John Dorsey at the Toledo Free Press.

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  • Some Women Howl
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    Some Women Howl

    Star Bowers

    Star Bowers lives in Toledo. Given economic reality, she, like so many poets from the urban, industrial Midwest, has adapted to living on the margins.More Info >>

  • The Essential Big Red
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    The Essential Big Red

    Lynne Walker

    The Essential Big Red: Selected Poems by Lynne Walker is a selection of the work of a Toledo-based writer whose poems chronicle her life from her childhood in ...More Info >>

  • A Community of Scholars
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    A Community of Scholars

    This volume is an attempt to preserve the history of the birth pangs and early days in the development of ...More Info >>

  • John Justus at Indian Ridge
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    John Justus at Indian Ridge

    John Justus

    Our first audio media project—a compact disc titled John Justus at Indian Ridge. More Info >>

  • Hungarian American Toledo
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    Hungarian American Toledo

    Thomas E. Barden and John Ahern

    In 1892, the National Malleable Castings Company of Cleveland, Ohio, transferred approximately 200 Hungarian workers from its home foundry to a newly built East Toledo site.More Info >>

  • The Irish in Toledo
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    The Irish in Toledo

    Seamus Metress and Molly Schiever

    The Irish in Toledo: History and Memoryis the story of the devastation and rebirth of a people and their culture—the bitter destruction of the Irish in their own country...More Info >>

  • The Heritage Collection
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    The Heritage Collection

    Six books that celebrate the experiences, culture, and history of people in northwest Ohio.More Info >>