Losing God in Translation

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Losing God in Translation

Philip Markowicz

Rarely does a translation surpass the quality of the original work. But what if a translation creates and perpetuates a flawed understanding of the original? After a lifetime of study and reflection, Philip Markowicz contends that poor translations of the Hebrew Bible have caused this venerable text to be misinterpreted. Drawing on insights from traditional Jewish texts, philosophy, and science, Markowicz stridently reads lost meaning back into the biblical text and makes a compelling case for reviving the study of the Hebrew Bible - in Hebrew.

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Editor: Yonatan S. Miller, PhD

Genre: Religion

Paperback: 136 pages

ISBN: 978-1-7332664-2-0

Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 1/2 inches

About The Author

Philip Markowicz (1924-2017) was born to a Chasidic family in Przerab, Poland. He narrowly escaped death at the hands of the Nazis and emigrated to Toledo in 1950, where he lived until his passing. He was the author of an acclaimed autobiography, My Three Lives, and was a much sought after speaker. In his memory his family established the Philip Markowicz Endowed Chair of Judaism and Jewish Biblical Studies at The University of Toledo.