Hungarian American Toledo

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Hungarian American Toledo

Thomas E. Barden and John Ahern

Edited by Thomas E. Barden and John Ahern, 2002.

"Hungarian American Toledo offers a model for ethnographic research and writing by bringing together so many disciplinary perspectives. The cultural traditions explored in these essays are rich and provocative."

-- Dr. Lucy Long, Bowling Green State University


In 1892, the National Malleable Castings Company of Cleveland, Ohio, transferred approximately 200 Hungarian workers from its home foundry to a newly built East Toledo site. The Birmingham neighborhood quickly became a major working-class Hungarian enclave and thrived through the first half of the 20th century. Birmingham was revitalized in the 1970's when a plan to build a highway exit through the community rallied its citizens to action. Today, Birmingham remains a vibrant neighborhood. The essays of Hungarian American Toledo tell its story.

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Title: Hungarian American Toledo

Editor: Thomas E. Barden and John Ahern

Genre: History

Paperback: 263 pages

Publisher: UT-UAC Press

ISBN: 0 932259-02-2

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