Glass Will: An Anthology of Toledo Writers

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Glass Will: An Anthology of Toledo Writers

Joel Lipman

Since its 1986 publication, Glass Will has grown steadily in reputation as a comprehensive anthology of Toledo area poetry during the later decades of the 20th Century. Featuring 56 poets and emphasizing sequential poems, Glass Will is printed on quality papers in the manner of classic independent press publications. Six original John Rockwood illustrations complement the 266 page volume's poems. $30, limited.

Product Details

Title: Glass Will

Editor: Joel Lipman

Genre: Poetry

Paperback: 266 pages

Publisher: Toledo Poets Center Press

ISBN: 0-932259-00-6

Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 3/4 inches

About The Author

Joel Lipman (BS & JD, U. Wisconsin; MA-Creative Writing, SUNY-Buffalo) joined the Department of English at the University of Toledo in 1975. In 1999 his appointment expanded interdisciplinarily to Professor of Art & English. His interests and publications include poetry, visual poetry and artist's books. Among his books and projects are "Machete Chemistry/ Panades Physics" (with Yasser Musa), "Glass Will" and work in current and forthcoming issues of "Fiction International." He's a member of the Toledo Museum of Art School of Art & Design faculty. Joel's cover art and graphics for Obscure Press collections by Harold Jaffe, Opal Louis Nations and Dallas Wiebe is archived in the Indiana State University Library's Special Collections where selected pages can be viewed at their website.